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How To Get Through The Holidays Single

The holiday season is kicking in, and while it brings joy and excitement for many, it can also stir up different emotions for others.

For some, the holidays evoke feelings of safety, warmth, and belonging. They see it as a time to come home, connect with loved ones, and feel part of something bigger. That's wonderful! But for others, these feelings get fuzzy.

Why? Because certain people, family or friends, might hold rigid views on how holidays should be spent. They might make you feel "less than" if you're single or divorced, or judge your relationship choices. This can be especially tough for those navigating the complexities of family dynamics and holiday traditions.

If you're single, divorced, or facing a recent breakup, these pressures can be intense. You might feel obligated to attend certain gatherings, even if they cause discomfort or judgment. But here's the thing: you don't have to!

There are no "have to's" when it comes to the holidays. This might sound radical, but it's true. We often get caught up in societal and family expectations that dictate how holidays should be spent. But the truth is, you have the power to choose.

You choose every single thing you do in life, even if it's become a subconscious habit. Brushing your teeth, for example, wasn't always a conscious choice. It became a routine. But you made that choice at some point.

The same goes for attending holiday gatherings. If the thought of facing judgment or discomfort makes you dread it, you have the right to choose differently. It might ruffle some feathers, but it will also empower you in two ways:


  1. It demonstrates to yourself that you can prioritize your own well-being. You're taking control of your choices and asserting your boundaries.
  2. It helps you identify healthy romantic partners. When you're living authentically and making choices based on your own values, you'll attract people who respect your boundaries and choices.

Now, let's talk about how these "have to's" can mess with your dating life. Imagine a holiday dinner where a family member constantly critiques your relationship status. This pressure can lead you to settle for unhealthy relationships just to avoid their judgment.

But you deserve more than that. You deserve a partner who accepts you for who you are and supports your choices, even if they differ from traditional expectations.

Taking control of your holiday choices is a powerful step towards finding healthy love. It shows you and potential partners that you prioritize your own happiness and well-being.

Remember, you are an incredible human being. You deserve to enjoy the holidays in a way that feels right for you. So, take a deep breath, trust your intuition, and choose what makes you happy.
Have an awesome holiday season!

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