1:1 Simple, Effective & Profound  Coaching


Meet with me one on one to begin the process of learning whom you really are, along with the exact steps to implement the life vision and dreams you want to achieve.

 Here's what my clients are saying:




Melissa K.

When I needed clarity, guidance, hope, encouragement you were always there for me. You are so much more than a coach, you are a helpful soul who has a gift in helping others. (Mortgage Broker) 



Michael F.

Eli - You helped me in so many ways! I remember our first meeting and thinking back to the person I was at that time is someone I can't even recognize anymore. From my relationships, love of self, business and ability to help others, I thank you brother. (Financial Management, Mind Set Coach)

Christian N.

Eli, thank you for helping me get into the amazing relationship I am in now. Having you as a coach is incredible, you teach me how to overcome fears and grow my business in a way that feels right for me. (Founder RENU Fitness Training)



First things first, we need to see if I can help you.

I open up a few 30-minute slots each week for FREE one-on-one discovery calls, but they are limited.

Book A Call

Step 1


On this call we will get to meet one another and learn about where you are now and where you would like to be.


If we are a good fit then we can discuss the next steps and what working together would look like.


If we are not a good fit, I will still offer my expert advice on how you could grow in the different area(s) of life we discuss.


Step 2


Weekly 45 minute zoom meetings and daily journal check-ins with feedback.


When we work together I like to go deep and that means not just once a week meetings but I want to see how you think, act and feel each day.


From day one, you will update me in a digital journal with your thoughts, insights, challenges and more.


I review each entry Monday - Friday and share real time feedback on how to enhance your life. 


I do this for a few reasons, number one I enjoy it. I love seeing each of my clients grow on a daily basis.


When you journal and have a qualified expert on the human experience give you daily feedback, you begin to internalize things and in essence become your own “Coach - Cheerleader and BFF!”


Reason #2 It allows each of our sessions to be targeted and focused on your goal achievement based on your daily journal entries. (I know freaking awesome!)


Reason #3 is because of the results my clients have achieved with this process. (it works!)

Step 3


On our discovery call if we would like to move forward with 1:1 coaching-


I will create a customized coaching program for you along with the investment and payment options avaiable. You can then decide if you would like to proceed. 


Due to the nature of this in depth work, these coaching programs are limited. 



 Here's what more clients are saying:

Grace A.

After joining all your courses and having you as a coach, I see how authentic. compassionate and deeply insightful you are. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and finding my life's purpose. - (Sales & Marketing)


Stephan B.

I look forward to everyone of our sessions! You have helped me get into an amazing relationship and find my true purpose. This past year your advice and strategies have helped enjoy my work and almost double my revenue! Thank you Eli. - (Financial Advisor)

Shirley B

I am a very logical person. You helped me tap into my essence. This has given me great meaning, purpose and structure and fun to my life now! You're a great coach and teacher. - (Retired Teacher and Pickleball Superstar) 


This is your life. You deserve it all because you are it all.


Let's Do This!