Live Your Dream Life!


Next Level LIVING is a digital course which provides you with step-by-step weekly video lessons, templates, and action items to help you find meaning and purpose to create the dream life you want to have and live it!



How would you like to know exactly what you want to do with your life? 


I mean you'd know exactly how you were going to spend your every moment actually doing something that excites you.


Something which gives you enthusiasm for life itself, a sense of purpose and true meaning. 


Can you imagine that sense of freedom, empowerment and confidence you’d have?


I call this LIVING your life on the NEXT LEVEL.

Well the road to living my life on the Next Level took quite a while.


I spent 20 years in a career which was not ideal.


Now granted I made a living and was helping people but I always knew that there was something more. 


My brain and heart were torn.


Then about 6 years ago, it got so damn crazy that I was on a “vacation”- swimming in a pool and I froze.


I held onto a raft in the deep end and I just let my inner being speak and here’s what it said...


“No more fear. Just the way I teach my coaching clients to embrace who they are and see their true potential, I am going to do the same for me”.  

I took a few deep breaths and asked myself, "When do I feel most alive?"


And I waited till the following came to me… when I Empower Lead and Inspire myself and others. ELI 🙂


And that was it! From then on, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I would find ways to empower, lead or Inspire myself and others.


Now here’s the real kicker, from that day forward I began to see every moment of existence as me living the dream.


Since I now knew what I loved to do, I saw meaning in all of my days. 


Within 5 years, I built a business completely on my own, doing what I love... 


Empowering, leading and inspiring others to live a life of freedom, meaning and joy.


Did I know then that I’d be communicating with thousands of people and coaching hundreds of clients to live their best lives? Nope.


Did I know then I’d wake up daily with freedom and have the privilege of interacting with the most incredible people in the world ? Nope.


But here’s what I did know.


What I wanted to do. Why I wanted to do it and that I loved myself unconditionally - Oh and come hell or high water, I’m not giving up on my dreams, I was gonna gett’er done.


And guess what, if you’re still reading this then I gotter done!


So if you want clarity, purpose, drive and the exact steps to achieve the unbelievable, I’ve got something for you…

 Next Level LIVING

Client Reviews


Introducing Next Level LIVING

A Digital Course To Help You...


An Authentic Vision


Mind - Body - Essence


Strategies & Take Action


Living Your Dream Life 

What You'll Learn Inside of the Course 

Part 1

What &Why

108 minutes video instruction 6 worksheets

  • Learn where you want to go in life, how you will get there and ways to ensure you actually get what you want.
  • Learn your purpose for being alive and how that meaning can move you closer to your dreams and much more...

Part 2


100 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • Learn how to properly analyze through your own writing.
  • How to love your mind, and body in a way which helps you achieve your goals quickly, enjoy life and much more..

Part 3


101 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • How to prevent problems, overcome obstacles and thrive.
  • Learn of new strategies, and skills to support and empower you and yup much, much more... 

Part 4


112 minutes video instruction 4 worksheets

  • How to plan and consistently take action towards your dreams while enjoying the process.
  • Receive a digital Next Level Living planner to track, assess, adjust accordingly and much, much more...

Part 5


79 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • How to change your past and create an incredible present and future.
  • Learn how to overcome fear, rise above drama, enjoy your every moment and much more...

Part 6


64 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • How to harness your inner power to remove distraction and maintain focus.
  • Learn to think clearly to make healthy life decisions in alignment  with your true self and much more...

Part 7


108 minutes video instruction 6 worksheets

  • Learn what your true dreams are. Why you may have had challenges fulfilling them in the past and how to easily fulfill them now.
  • How to help others fulfill their dreams and much more...

Part 8


100 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • How to accomplish your goals without the stress and with peace and contentment.
  • Learn how to elevate your mind frame as you continue to see your dreams come true.

Part 9


101 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • Learn how to live an authentic life based on your own truth.
  • How to have a healthy balance of inner peace, taking action and much more... 

Part 10

Envision To Fruition

108 minutes video instruction 6 worksheets

  • Learn how to use a dynamic creative visualization to achieve your goals quickly.
  • Included "3 To Thrive" audio download for daily visualization, implementation and much more... 

Part 11


100 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • Learn how to evaluate your progress each month in a healthy way.
  • How to know if you're making the right life decisions and much more...

Part 12

The Journey

101 minutes video instruction 3 worksheets

  • How to use and incorporate the course moving forward.
  • Included Digital Life Principles template and monthly Next Level Living Tracker to guide you along your journey...

Next Level LIVING Testimonials


"The amount of self-love and self validation, I experienced after seeing my vision come true, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate that if not for what I've learned in this course."


"This program has provided me with such clarity and a daily plan to see my vision come true!"


"Next Level Living is amazing. I’m doing, feeling and dreaming of things I really never thought were possible. My growth is so awesome and I truly now own and walk in my essence."


"Next level living is an awesome process that is very empowering for me. I feel that connecting with my essence is the biggest gift. This course was the best investment I ever have made."



"Since joining Next Level, I've gained clarity of how I want to live life along with the exact steps to achieve my goals. I have told friends and colleagues that for week 1 alone, they should invest in this course, it's amazing!"


"Next Level has helped me live life with purpose and gratitude. I envision what I want and I'm staying the course!"


"This course has given me the clarity I needed to grow my business and life in my own kind way."


"The insights I was able to uncover in Day 1 of Next Level attests to the value Eli brings to his clients! I couldn’t be more grateful!"


Trying to decide if Next Level LIVING is for you?


Here are a few key takeaways from this course. If any of these speak to you, then you will love it.


  • Learn what your purpose is and how you can live a meaningful life right now - This took me 21 years of trial and error. You will have this immediately.

  • Learn how to connect to the real you - What does it mean to be authentically you and how to live from your Essence. Once this changed for me everything changed.

  • Remove distractions and learn to stay focused - Planning your days, months, years and life shows just how much you value your true self.

  • Envision and create an actual plan for - starting or growing a business, finding meaning in a 9-5, writing a book,  growing in your career, guiding others in crisis, life direction, a fulfilling retirement and more. You find what brings you meaning and this course will make sure you get it done.

  • Enhance your love of self and  live the life you WANT to live! 

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"Once again, Eli provides simple and profound life changing lessons in this course. Next Level Living allowed me to go deep within mind, body and essence as well as the practical skills it takes for me to live the life of my dreams. Thank you!"


"Next Level Living has given me incredible tools to truly enjoy my life. I love this feeling. That is how it is supposed to be! I can see how if you live this way you can accomplish anything!! Thank you Eli!"


"I wanted to identify how I could focus on my projects as well as outline the steps I would need to get them done. I also wanted inspiration this year to see and feel how these projects would help me be a more fulfilled & balanced person and artist and I got it all! I am thrilled with Next Level Living."

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This is your life. You deserve it all because you are it all.

Let's Do This!

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