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Everything you need to get you out of the dating world and into a healthy relationship.


Find The Right 1™ is proven, simple process which provides you with an empowering mind frame and the exact steps to help you get into and grow an amazing relationship. 



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I'm Eli Schostak, the bald dude on the left ripping off a toupee.


It's what I wore for more than a decade when I was dating.


My insecurities made me think that without hair I would die alone. I tried to fool people to think I was young with gorgeous hair.


In fact, I was a clinical social worker, trying to help people find their truth all the while wearing a rug on my head.


That's me on the right, 21 plus years married to an awesome woman.


I left my therapy practice (and wearing fake hair) and knew I could help people even more as a relationship coach and especially in the area of healthy love!


We all deserve to love and be loved! Enough about me and my lack of hair, you've been looking for the one to spend your life with...


A Digital Course To Help You...


The Right 1


The Right 1


The Right 1

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What You'll Learn Inside of the Course


Part 1

True Love

  • Why things haven't worked for you till now and how to change that immediately.
  • How to get what you really want and deserve in a relationship.
  • How to love yourself in an easy way.

Part 2

Fear Free

  • 3 vital steps to crush any dating & relationship fear Including:

  • Fear of: Rejection - Commitment - Loss of independence, Getting hurt - Choosing the wrong one again - Feeling stuck

  • How to decide if you should stay or go?

Part 3

Who Are You?

  • How to uncover blind spots which may be getting you into something unhealthy.
  • How to enlarge a healthy dating pool and narrow down the unhealthy one.
  • Dating strategies for meeting healthy people.
  • How to let go of anger.

Part 4

Fun & Easy

  • The #1 lifelong mindframe shift to date a healthy person and grow a healthy relationship.
  • How to release the need to control and actually enjoy dating, relating and much, much more...

Part 5

The Vision Is Real

  • How to create a new healthy vision for dating along with the exact steps to achieve it and track it.

  • 3 proven ways to increase confidence, sexiness, communication skills and love of self.

  • How to avoid negative influences on your journey to a healthy loving relationship.

Part 6

Find - Date - Grow

  • Healthy prospecting, dating and relationship phases.
  • How to easily tell if the person you're prospecting with is healthy for you or not.

  • How to choose between two healthy options which one is the right 1 for you. 
  • How to handle unclear texts and possible ghosting.

  • How to enjoy and  communicate in a healthy way in the dating phase (in person and texting).
  • How to evaluate if the person you're dating is right for you and if it’s not, what exactly to say to end things in a nice clear way.

  • How to communicate and grow in love in the relationship phase.

  • How to disagree with your partner in a healthy way which avoids conflict and strengthens the relationship.
  • How to be giving in a relationship without feeling like you're being taken advantage of.
  • How to be in a relationship and still be independent in a healthy way.

Part 7 (&BONUSES)

The Future Is Now

  • How to ensure your dating & relationship journey has a healthy future.

  •  How to take your love relationships to the next level.

  • Get rid of incessant - "down the rabbit hole thinking"
  • Extras - Successful student tips from  Dr. Jess (Learn how a clinical psychologist used Find The Right 1 to get out of the world of dating and into an incredible relationship in less than 6 weeks!)
  • Weekly Action Items for you to learn, implement and much, much more...


Attraction vs Connection

  • How to decide in a healthy way between the mind, body and the essence of yourself and another.

  • Practical real life examples in the prospecting, dating and growth phases of relationships.

  • Frequently asked questions, such as how to choose between two healthy prospects and much more...
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Find The Right 1™ Testimonials


"You taught me to find and keep a healthy relationship, it's amazing!" 


“I had tremendous fears about online dating and dating in general. After I took this course I have no more anxiety and dating is fun. The world of relationships would be much healthier if this course was mandatory.”


"Your methods for finding and keeping a healthy relationship work! I have been able to get remarried to a healthy amazing man because of this course thank you!"


"Week One alone was worth the cost of the entire program because of the new found confidence I have in myself. I felt so much more in control when it came to dating and relationships. Find The Right 1 is solid and it led right to my healthy marriage."



 "This course is empowering me in so many ways... not gonna lie, Eli this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent, getting over hurdles I never thought in a million years that I could. Thank you!" 


"After I did your first exercise I had an epiphany. It would have been impossible for any of my relationships to have been positive and fulfilling with my current mindset. Program paid for itself day 1."  


"I’ve heard for years in relationships you need to get over your fears but no one ever gave me the tools and said here’s how, this is how you get what you want till I took this course. I’m now newly married. Thank you Eli!"  


"We've been together for two years now and I'm thrilled. The investment in this course is well worth it because I can't put a dollar value on the difference you have made in my life. "


"I’m so happy to have taken this course our healthy relationship continues to grow each day because of the principles I learned in Find The Right 1." 


"I spent a fair amount of money on dating services, all fails. The difference with you is you don't promise to set me up, you break down where I went wrong and help me go right."


"Being an Olympian, I'm proficient in the sporting world but haven't been able to apply these principles to my personal life. It's hard to put into words, the difference that your course has made in my life for the better." 


"The results I got because of Find The Right 1 are amazing. I'm in a new fun relationship. It's so easy going because there's been a great change in me. I'm not worried anymore."



"This course got me into a healthy relationship with myself, it lead to finding my partner and taught me how to keep a healthy relationship with him."


“Find The Right 1 has changed my entire view of love, dating and relationships for the better. Eli, because of you and your course, I am in the healthiest relationship I have ever been in my life. I can't thank you enough."


"After this last break up my confidence was shot. You taught me what healthy love really means. I'm much more confident and was able to find date and maintain a healthy relationship because of this course."


"Dating apps and matchmakers failed. You made me look at myself and relationships in a whole new way and that's why I'm in an easygoing loving relationship now. This course is fun and it works. Just do it."


"I truly thought I'd be single for the rest of my life. Thanks for helping me crush my fears and understand that I'm the Right 1. I'm in a wonderful relationship with this amazing man (now fiancé) and it's all because of what I learned from this course. Thank you so much!!" 


 "Taking this course was the best decision I ever made and the best money I ever spent. It's life changing. Thank you!" 


"If you want to break unhealthy patterns you have in dating, then this course is perfect. It allows you to become the best person you can be and that's why I'm in a great relationship now."

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Trying to decide if Find The Right 1 is for you?


Who is this for?

  • Singles ages 20 through 83 (my oldest student is 83 years young and she’s in a healthy relationship:) 

  • Are ready and open to learn about yourself so you can do things differently moving forward.

  • Want to be in a healthy relationship with yourself right now and another when you choose to be.

  • You know deep down exactly what you want but have a hard time getting it on your own and want to know why. 

  • Are honest, kind and determined to live and love in a healthy way.

  • Like to laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously.  

  • Must have and know how to use either a laptop, personal computer, tablet or smartphone.  


What will this course do for you?

Teach you a simple proven way to find and keep a healthy relationship through learning to Love yourself - Crush your fears - Date & relate with confidence and enjoyment.


What will this course not do for you?

Provide you with any type of dating or matchmaking services (no set ups with anyone). Provide you with any type of therapy.

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"Prior to joining, I was very stressed about dating and it felt like there were many mind games I went through. Your course helped me be more communicative, confident, and open to a great relationship. Dating is so much more comfortable and enjoyable now."


"Learning to enjoy dating while speaking my truth was so empowering. Find The Right 1 gave me everything I needed to be in the wonderful relationship I'm in now. This course is life altering in a fabulous way. I highly recommend it."


"Hi Eli, You probably don’t realize the impact your course has had on my outlook. It made me decide to take charge of my happiness and stop letting my past control me. I love who I am and you helped remind me how amazing I was. I'm having so much fun in a healthy relationship now because of Find The Right 1 Thanks you."


"You've taught me to crush fears, enjoy the process and now I'm in the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming."


"I am in the best relationship I have ever been in because of this course. It has changed my entire life and I really appreciate everything. If you are serious about making changes, then this is the program to do. No question."


"At first I felt skeptical about taking this course with Eli. I didn't understand how this could help me in my relationships. What I found was that it really changed the way I thought of my role in relationships. Within a few weeks of completing Find The Right 1, I got into a new relationship and it's still going strong. Thanks Eli."  


"The intimidation factor is gone in dating. You helped me realize I have a lot to offer another person. Thank you for teaching me how to love the most important person there is in my life, Me! Your approach gave me back my self confidence."


"I feel so relaxed and allow dating to unfold naturally. Not trying to control things or worry about reaching out to just get a reaction like I would in the past. I get to choose and this just feels better. I'm so glad I found Find The Right 1!"

This is your life. You deserve it all because you are it all.

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